Letter of support

Join our growing movement & sign our Letter of Support!

Stand with us as we show our support to the Multnomah Safe Rest Village

staff and participants, and its operator, All Good Northwest.

"No one deserves to be homeless...the MSRV is a wonderful step forward in protecting the human dignity of people who need help."
Kathleen McHarg

"Supporting the Multnomah Safe Rest Village is a concrete way to make a real difference to individuals who have known little kindness while living unhoused in our community. We can welcome them as they move into a safe temporary home, and help and support the All Good Northwest staff as they assist participants to make their transitions to permanent housing."
- Joan McConnell

"All people deserve respect and safe shelter."
Cindy Brown

"It is one small way our neighborhood can help to provide safety and support for people who have had to live on the streets of our beleaguered city, and move them into long-term housing."
-Robin Schauffler

Thank you, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church!